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All artwork by Hugh May-Perry, all original high quality  images – thumbnails and gallery images are low definition watermarked copies, use the “high res example button” to sample the quality of my work. instant download on payment. Protected Zip file and password instantly available in your account. All artwork is copyrighted to the artist, please respect my work and don’t share on social media, publish sell or modify the artwork. Please read the copyright agreement below, purchasing & downloading is acknowledgement that you understand and agree so please read Through The Agreement 

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all digital downloads require a password to unlock the file archive, this password will be included on your invoice/receipt after payment, along with the download link for the file you have purchased. Important note – the password cannot be copy and pasted, it has to be typed. Please contact support through your account if you no longer have it.

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United Kingdom Copyright Protection

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The digital art is owned and copyrighted to “Mechanical-Creations” & “Mechanicals” and Hugh May-Perry & GB & CJ Humphrey (the owners) and is protected by UK copyright Law. You must agree to use the artwork for personal use only, you can download and print your purchased art as many times as you like, as long as it is not sold, altered or electronically forwarded to anyone else who may subsequently distribute it commercially or provide it for anyone else to distribute commercially, you may not post in any format on any website, social media or image based messengers, you may not receive anything in the form of whatever amounts to or constitutes payment for any of the artwork linked directly to your account on


The Berne Convention is the main international convention governing copyright. It lays down the common framework: rights of the author, minimum guaranteed copyright duration, actions requiring permission, etc. that all contracting states must incorporate in their national laws and extend to foreign artists and authors.

As of November 2020 there are 179 countries that are signatories of the Berne Convention (source: World Intellectual Property Organization)

Other treaties and agreements

There are additional treaties that convey additional rights or have historical significance, these are:

The WIPO Copyright Treaty (WCT) a special agreement under the Berne Convention which deals with the protection of works and the rights of their authors in the digital environment.
Marrakesh Treaty
The “Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons Who Are Blind, Visually Impaired, or Otherwise Print Disabled (2013)”, allows for government authorised entities to reproduce and distribute accessible verisons of books to people that are blind, or have a visual impairment or other disability that impairs their ability to read a book.
Universal Copyright Convention (UCC) Now of little significance as all UCC members are now also members of the Berne Convention or TRIPS. For more information, please see our main article on the Universal Copyright Convention (UCC).
In addition to the above treaties, countries may have unilateral deals with other countries.

All artwork and content (purchased and downloaded) on are copyrighted and are legally protected by U.K. & international copyright laws.

Under no circumstance may you download, reproduce, publish or distribute elsewhere, in any medium, any of the images for commercial purposes,
“We” retain all of the copyrights to all artwork on this site this is including but not limited to: all “written content”, “illustration”, “image,” “design of and creation” of “All Sculptures” in “photographic”, “image” or “physical art form” regardless of whether or not the original “image”, “photograph” or “sculpture” has been sold, (from now on known as “The Content” when agreeing to the “terms and conditions” of using this “website” )

Unauthorised duplication or usage of “The Content” for commercial purposes is prohibited by Copyright law and will be prosecuted.

Should you wish any further information email me: for all other matters and business enquiries mark your email: F.A.O *The Proprietor and send to

Although details of national laws may differ, the basic rights are the same in most countries due to international conventions and agreements. This provides a common framework that national legislation must follow to ensure countries respect the rights and work of ©Hugh May-Perry and the “content” “we” publish, this means all our “work” and the “content” is copyrighted automatically at a worldwide level.

All references to Etsy are soley used for the purposes of defining the Mechanicals shop which is hosted by Etsy, the brand name and any other reference to the name Etsy belongs to Etsy inc.

Mechanicals, Aiston Manor Studio, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP202BS, UK,

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